From a comment I made on another person’s blog.

I often wonder why conservatives are ignoring environmental changes. I also recall that there are people today that complain about President Theodore Roosevelt being instrumental in establishing our nation’s parks. Is the corporate world their only concern? We must concern ourselves with changes that may be part of millennial cycles. These we can only compensate for. But we also are contributors to polluting our world. Right now there are two extremes at loggerheads with one another. And nothing is resolved.

To be sure I’m not a tree-hugger. But in my family’s woodlot my father had long opposed lumber companies coming in and harvesting the hardwood logs. He did that because they cared nothing for the usability of the woodlot after they were done. On a day that was not my father’s finest hour, he allowed the loggers in after he was too old to use the woodlot himself (we burned wood in our furnace for heat and harvest some of the hardwood logs to be sawed into unplanned boards).

I marvel at the number of visitors to our nation’s parks and wonder what conservatives are missing. Probably just the money from undeveloped land. Just think, we could turn our whole country into a parking lot. We must be realistic though and not blame all the climate change on human exploitation. The archeological record will attest to greater worldwide climate changes than what we see today. But at the same time that I was living on the edge of our small city of 150,00 I could look down the street that led all the way downtown and not see more than two blocks. But after EPA monitored and enforced rules against polluting cars and other polluters, I could see all the way (we have some twenty story buildings that are visible at a distance).

The only things our Repub.Dixie politicians give us is stinky dialogue.


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