I wonder how many Americans even notice if Small Businesses are not getting the inventory that corporations have already bought up. Are there people like myself willing to shop at Small Businesses rather than taking advantages of shopping at major retail chains? Why is so little attention is focused on Small Businesses when they generate half of the jobs in America?

While there are empty shelves at grocery stores, corporations are fully stocked while Small Businesses are failing to get enough inventory to take advantage of the Christmas shoppers.

There are numerous articles published about the advantages that corporations have. But I’m not going to plagiarize the many resources I’ve found. So I’m listing my Google searches.


  1. From: The Washington Post
    In the supply chain battle of 2021, small businesses are losing out to Walmart and Amazon
    Independent retailers are getting squeezed out as suppliers, factories and freight companies prioritize national brands: ‘We’re at the whim of a broken supply chain.’
  2. From: Small Business Chronical
    In most industries in the United States, a small business is a business that employs fewer than 500 workers and has annual revenues of less than $7 million. This definition is courtesy of the United States Small Business Administration.
  3. From: Ivy Tech Introduction to Business
    Owning a small business has its advantages and disadvantages. Each entrepreneur must weigh the pros and the cons carefully and decide whether or not the risk is worth the reward.
  4. From: Zippia the Career Expert
    Deciding what kind of company you want to work for is an important step in the job search. Depending on your qualifications and experience, your career goals, and the industry you’re seeking employment in, you might consider working for either a small business or a large corporation.
  5. From: Vox
    Major corporations really want you to know how much they care about small businesses — as long as those small businesses don’t compete with them or cause them too much trouble.
  6. From: A Small Business Is Not a Little Big Business – Harvard
    A traditional assumption among managers has been that small businesses should use essentially the same management principles as big businesses, only on a smaller scale. 


Leverage is the one aspect of economics that is not considered in any of the economic models. And what are the tools that are used for leverage (besides monopoly and collusion)?

  • Political donations including nationally formed PACs that hide where the monies are coming from.
  • Deceptive advertising that create demand for products rather than filling a market niche.
  • Loosening of regulations or self-regulation created by cutting back budgets for oversight.
  • Consolidation of huge networks of companies ultimately controlled by only a few people.
  • Banks combined with investment firms that are too big to fail and thus control buying and selling on huge scales.
  • Voter complacency and lack of economic knowledge.
  • Corporate leader connections through socializing and college clubs.
  • Sheer buying power.
Political Donations

Current laws on political donations respect freedom of speech. But don’t corporate PAC’s and use of Initiatives and Referendums also incorporate a hidden trail of information as to the originating source of monies used for national political and State ballot campaigns.

Deceptive Advertising

Products that receive the most advertising sell the most, even though quality of the product is not the best. Because consumers literally know where a Small Business owner lives, they can verify the quality of the owner’s product and avoid being manipulated.

Loosening Regulations

Near me is a steel plant that had one of the highest injury rates in America. They went on strikes several times until the company gave in. Mine collapses are almost all the result over lack of inspections and company owners looking for shortcuts.


Consolidation or Mergers often rely on borrowed money (such as junk bonds) and necessitate employee lay-offs designated as “efficiencies”.

Banks combined with investment firms

Following the 2008 Mortgage Derivative fiasco the Federal Government doled out even more money to banks who used it to buy out smaller banks and completely circumvented the goal of preventing a “too big to fail” banking system. The Mortgage Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps were “assets” that were created by the investment parts of the banking system and would have been prohibited by the 1929 banking and investment reforms that “conservative” Republicans undid.

Lack of Voter Knowledge

Very few voters have the knowledge and skill to understand the Machinations of slick economists and lawyers who are simply interested in making money. The only solution is for the voter to trust the people they vote for. With all the mud slinging and fallacious claims against political opponents, there’s no one left to trust; unless of course you’re one of the people that stands to gain from their “true unannounced agendas to help the voters”.


Corporate leaders usually connected in college through secret organizations like “Skulls and Bones” and later on through country club connections or private connections with people of similar wealth. Their main goal is to make money. Financial manipulation and collusion are easy ways to increase CEO salaries and wealth through stocks.

Size Matters

When a corporation is big enough, they’re big enough to cut in line. Their assets to highly paid employees, capital (cash or borrowed), name recognition, and personal connections in their industry; leaves the little guys out in the cold.


Even though small businesses employ half of the workers, they are not in the position to build the kind of wealth that corporations (and their CEOs) can. And the corporations grow stronger and fewer as time goes on.

There are ways to put small businesses on a even playing field – but they’re not going to happen in today’s business environment. And that environment is sculpted by corporations and politics. Unless a balance is established that puts small and large businesses on a level playing field, we will continue down the road to a Plutocracy.


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