If you know you’re part of the problem. If you don’t know, be prepared for America becoming one vast company town (sounds sort of like Communism – doesn’t it?).

The small business I get my print cartridges from has had Brother printers on order for a year. I had no problem getting one from Amazon. We’re reverting to the days before Theodore Roosevelt.

The safeguards that were put into place after the 1929 Crash were removed by the Republicans. The 2008 housing debacle was a result.

Greed will always trump “lessons learned” unless wise stewards of our economy rule. But aren’t the “stewards” appointed by the very people whose campaigns were financed by the greedy.

And the wealth of America continues to flow uphill while no one is watching.

As Bloomberg first reported, the middle 60% of American households by income now cumulatively hold less in assets

than the top 1%. It’s the latest data point in a trend of increasing wealth concentration for the top and stagnation for everyone else. 



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