I’m unclear as to what all the fuss is about. The fuss I’m talking about has to do with President Biden’s stimulus package. Right off the top I don’t see how raising the minimum wage costs jobs when higher wages increases the buying power of people who will be spending more money, thus creating more jobs. And it will also be allowing a greater portion of our population to create not just wealth, but generational wealth.

I for one trust the non-partisan view of National Public Radio when it reports on politics. The following editorial spells out some of the pluses and minuses of President Biden’s Stimulus bill.


From infrastructure, to mental health, to living wages, America is falling behind. How can we use government to invest wisely to overcome these deficiencies? Or is their inherently no way government can help?

If we would limit the Federal Government (FG) to protecting our national concerns only while leaving the rest to the States, wouldn’t the overreach of the FG result in a leaner, more efficient FG that is more able to deal with national interests only? Or does the interconnected nature of our domestic economy and our citizens require the FG to be more involved in programs at the local levels?

I believe that the FG is overreaching when every local program is dependent on Federal monies. At the same time, however, the FG has failed to maintain Equal Rights for all of our citizens until 1964 (100 years of abuse based on race since the end of the Civil War).

I also wonder how much “pork” is in this package as “earmarks” have become the cost of getting votes through Congress. Although according to the CBO, even without a tax on the rich, the annual addition to budget deficits would be $160 billion for the next ten years. Whereas Republicans had no trouble justifying $400 billion dollar deficits under Republican Presidents.

The only way for the public to make sense of this morass is to just blindly follow the exaggerations of each party. They’d be no more wrong than Sean Hannity and Joy Behar.

Where are the moderates who can make sense of all this and come up with bipartisan bills (one topic at a time) that depend on mutually agreed problems and solutions? Where are the voters who will insist on proposed agendas that solve problems rather than the vilifying of their opponents?

Once again I’ll say: “two party systems cannot work – only a multi-party system will draw in all the voters across the full spectrum of America’s voters and bring about compromises one-by-one.


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